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Have You Seen the Ghost of John?

Have You Seen the Ghost of John?

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By: Christine Copeland

Abigail and Peter Williams visit family in their beloved New England village on a glorious fall day. Little do they know that their ancestor, Great-Grandfather John, is watching over them. After all, he's a ghost! Can you find him? Can you sing the song that goes with the pictures? It's a round.

Rich watercolors capture mid-19th century Historic Deerfield in autumn foliage. Finding the ghost and his little companion dog is engaging for all readers. He is hidden in each illustration. Little ones (ages 5 and up) love to sing the "ooo oo ooo" alone or with another reader. Have you seen the Ghost of John, based on a traditional American song that may have originated in England, is a fun and different seasonal book that also teaches a musical form, the round - great for teachers and parents or grandparents who enjoy singing with their children.

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  • Page Count: 34 pages

  • ISBN-13: 978-1-7351252-4-4 (PB) & 978-1-7351252-3-7 (HC)

  • Book Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches

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