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Handbook of Mesopotamia Series

Handbook of Mesopotamia Series

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By: Naval Staff Intelligence Department

Mesopotamia is treated in four volumes:

  1. This first introductory volume contains matter of a general nature. The other volumes are devoted to the detailed description of the river and land routes.
  2. The second volume covers the regions of the Shatt el-'Arab and Karun, and of the Tigris and Euphrates up to Baghdad and Fellujeh.
  3. The third volume is assigned the Tigris and Euphrates from Baghdad and Fellujah to Mosul and Meskeneh, the Lesser Zab, the country east of the Tigris towards the Persian frontier, and the routes running westward from the Euphrates valley across the Syrian desert.
  4. The fourth volume treats of the country north of the line joining Rowanduz, Mosul, Meskeneh, and Aleppo up to Van, Bitlis, Diarbekr, and Marash.
  • 5 x 8 Paperback

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