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General History of the Christian Religion and Church Volume 2

General History of the Christian Religion and Church Volume 2

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By: Augustus Neander

"It has been, throughout, the translator's aim and effort to render a faithful version of the original. He has never felt himself at liberty, on any account whatever, to add any thing to the text, or to omit any thing from it. He has never resorted to notes for the purpose of explaining anything which could be made sufficiently plain in the place where it stood. On the extreme difficulty of giving an exact transcript in English of an author's language, so exceedingly idiomatic, so thoroughly German in all his habits of thought and modes of expression as the author of this History, he need not enlarge. If allowance be made for the slight but necessary modifications which for this reason have sometimes been resorted to, the translator believes it will be found, that as he has clearly conceived his author's meaning, so he has faithfully expressed it in some form of English that can be understood."

  • ISBN-13: 9781598382471
  • Page Count: 810
  • Book Height: 10 x Width: 1.5625 x Length: 7 inches

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