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Fresh from the Source

Fresh from the Source

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By: Thomas S. Hepner

This is a cookbook principally focused on moderately creative ways to work with fish, seafood and shellfish. It is based on the premise is that cooking should be fun. Hepner expresses his own culinary philosophies and personal joy that he derives from food, cooking and dining. He believes that food should be accessible to all audiences not overly obscure or pretentious in selecting ingredients. Additionally, food is a five-sense experience, which should take into account each of them when designing menus, whether it is a simple breakfast or an elaborate dinner party. Lastly, cooking is not an exacting science nor are recipes set in stone. Learn to experiment, substitute, play and modify to your own liking. Recipes in this volume are only a starting point. They offer ideas and basic structures from which the readers can learn, grow and develop their own styles of cooking.

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Publisher: Damianos Publishing

Author: Tom Hepner

Page Count: 348

* Publisher: Damianos Publishing

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