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Frederic Lord Leighton

Frederic Lord Leighton

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An eclectic, cosmopolitan classicist, Frederic Leighton was one of the most successful British artists of the Victorian renaissance. He created the grandest and most elaborate figurative paintings covering a wide range of historic and literary subjects. He delighted and surprised his audience with seductively poetic visions both in his painting and in his sculpture. His "Aesthetic Classicism" was closely linked to the work of his Pre-Raphaelite contemporaries. Leighton, elected president of London's Royal Academy in 1878, trained in Florence, Berlin, Rome, Frankfurt and Paris, and by synthesizing the diverse influences of the Pre-Raphaelites, the Venetian masters, the German Nazarene school, and French classicism, he depicted Greek mythology and the ancient world in boldly dramatic works suffused with mystery. This illustrated record of Frederic Lord Leighton, written by his contemporary, Ernest Rhys, was first published in 1900. This third edition includes Mr. S. Pepys Cockerell's chapter, "Lord Leighton's House in 1900." This volume is illustrated throughout with black & white photographs and line drawings. Ernest Percival Rhys (July 17, 1859 - May 25, 1946) was an English writer of poetry, novels, essays, plays and most famously was the founding editor of the Everyman's Library series in 1906. The idea behind Everyman's Library had been to publish 1000 titles that were affordable to the average household. Rhy's lived long enough to see 982 of those volumes published -the 1000th title was finally published in 1956. Rhys' own writings include Welsh Ballads in 1898, Lyric Poetry Cristicism in 1913, The Leaf Burners in 1918, Everyman Remembers in 1931 and Essays on Life and Literature published posthumously as Eveyman's Library's 990th title.

  • Black & white illustrations throughout the text
  • Stamped Cloth Binding for a classic look and feel
  • Dust jacket protects and enhances the book while providing you with a built in bookmark

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