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Essasys on Natural History and Rural Economy

Essasys on Natural History and Rural Economy

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By: John Walker

Excerpt from Preface:Though North America is filled with woods which contain trees of a large size; yet we hear not of any that are of such an immense bulk. Dr. Franklin, who had seen much of the different provinces, and had been much in the Indian country, remarked in conversation, that the largest perdifol tree he had occasion to observe, might have been grasped by two men. This was a Hiccory, which he measured geometrically, and found it to be 180 feet high. But he added, that there were many Pines of a much larger size. It is likely, however, that the trees in the American woods in general, are more remarkable for their great height, than for the grossness of their trunk.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598384406

  • Page Count: 638

  • Book Height: 9 x Width: 1.1875 x Length: 6 inches

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