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Elements of Homeopathic Theory

Elements of Homeopathic Theory

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The concept of homeopathic medicine was developed over two hundred years ago. It relies upon two overriding principles: a disease can be alleviated by using a substance that would, if given to a healthy person cause the same problem (or symptoms); and the lower the dosage, the more effective the result. Divided into 2 main sections, this book is designed to be a concise tool for physicians and those interested in learning about homeopathy. Part I presents homeopathyAcirc;'s historical foundation, and provides necessary background on drug dosage and potency, dispensing mechanisms, and presenting symptoms. An annotated selection of homeopathic books deemed relevant by the authors is also included. Part II consists of 2 reference units, both arranged alphabetically. The first, titled Acirc;"Therapeutics,Acirc;" describes common medical problems and appropriate homeopathic remediation strategies. The second, Acirc;"Materia Medica,Acirc;" details the plants, animals, and mineral substances used to create the homeopathic remedies. As the original 1905 publishers preface notes, Acirc;"For years we have been receiving requests, especially from physicians, for a small work that would enable them to get an idea of HomeopathyAcirc;....No book that we have seen covers all these points, hence this compilation.Acirc;" TodayAcirc;'s readers will find this a fascinating account of early twentieth century alternative medicine. Reprinted by Silver Street Media from the original edition published by Boericke and Tafel in 1905.

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