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Eighty Years' Progress of the United States Volume 2

Eighty Years' Progress of the United States Volume 2

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At the end of the Revolutionary War, the American people turned their creative talents and undivided attention to improving their situation. EIGHTY YEARS OF PROGRESS presents a complete history of the nation's vast improvements in education and industry during this period. It illuminates the various channels of change, the resulting attention from other nations and the ensuing increase of the United States' influence internationally. This volume examines progress in the U.S. mining industry and fur trade, improvements in transportation including the railroad, developments in manufacturing, building and building materials, as well as the ongoing opportunities presented by the invention of steam engine. Each discipline is addressed by a literary specialist in the field. Statistical information comparing the progress of the different states with one another and, to some extent, comparing the United States with other nations, is also included. This second of two volumes compiled and edited by L. Stebbins was originally published in 1861. Contributors include: James T. Hodge; Thomas P. Kettell and J.C. Merriam. Illustrated throughout with charts and black-and-white drawings.

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