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Cuba Past and Present

Cuba Past and Present

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A rich personal observation of "The Pearl of the Antilles" Originally published in 1898, this volume presents observations of Cuba at the turn of the last century. The author supplemented his own experience with additional research to present the history of the island and its people as well as the seeds of rebellion. Havana, Matanzas and Cienfuegos are featured from a traveler's perspective. Chapters on Columbus and on the West Indian Manuscripts in the Colonial Exhibition are included as Appendices. The personal and historical point of view presented in this volume provides a unique perspective that informs our understanding of the developments in Cuba throughout the 20th Century. This book is finely illustrated with black & white line drawings and very detailed map of Cuba at that time. This volume includes author footnotes, Index and Appendices. By the author of The Sultan and His Subjects.

  • Professionally designed hardcover
  • Rounded with Headbands for a classic look
  • Black & white illustrations throughout the text

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