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Contributions to the Science of Mythology Volume 1

Contributions to the Science of Mythology Volume 1

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By: F. Max Muller

The ancient Greeks are no longer mere curiosities in our eyes, nay even the ancient inhabitants of India are not altogether outside the sphere of our sympathy. They form an integral part of that humanity to which we ourselves belong. What happened to them, has, in one sense, happened to us; what they thought must be thinkable to us; what they believe cannot be altogether different from what we believe. We may have advanced, just as our God has advanced beyond Jehovah, and as Jehovah had advanced beyond the Elohim of the Gentiles, but there must be continuity in all the strata of thoughts as there is in the strata of the earth. Otherwise humanity would cease to be an object of scientific interest, each individual would be an ephemeral moth, language a mere sound, thought a mere dream.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598385014
  • Page Count: 466
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