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Complete Book of Farm Engineering

Complete Book of Farm Engineering

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By: John Scott

Scott's complete textbook is comprised of seven volumes contained within one book. Volume I addresses issues of draining and embanking. Volume II outlines irrigation and water supply requirements, including sewage, swamp irrigation for rice, and the construction of wells, ponds and reservoirs. Volumes III presents the latest advances in the farm roads, fences, and movable enclosures. In Volume IV, the author examines the numerous types of farm buildings, including poultry houses and piggeries. Barn implements and machines comprise Volume V, detailing machines for threshing barns, stockyards, and dairies. Volume VI extends to discussion on field implements and machines, and Volume VII provides a broad-based analysis of agricultural surveying.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598383447
  • Page Count: 1146
  • Book Height: 8 x Width: 2.1875 x Length: 5 inches

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