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British Bee-Keeper's Guide Book

British Bee-Keeper's Guide Book

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By: T.W. Cowan

"Apiculture - a term generally understood to include the practice and science of bee-keeping on modern methods - is admittedly one of the most profitable of rural occupations." The British Isles boast a very long written history of the craft of bee-keeping dating back to early Anglo-Saxon laws penned between 700 and 1000 A.D. Books tackling the subject began coming into their own by the late 1500’s; these volumes, often on husbandry, gave increasing amounts of information on the art of the apiarist due in part to the lucrative nature of the pursuit. The British Bee-Keepers Guide-Book continues in the same tradition. This twenty-second edition catalogues and improves upon the information disseminated in the earlier versions beginning in 1881, emphasizing new methods, techniques and modern appliances. Beautifully illustrated throughout, T.W. Cowan gives a thorough written and visual account of the science and the art of bee-keeping using the modern technology of 1915 Britain. The 22nd Edition was originally published in 1915 by L. Upcott Gill & son, Ltd.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598381733

  • Page Count: 248

  • Book Height: 8 x Width: 0.5625 x Length: 5 inches

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