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Aunt Estes Stories of the Vegetable and Fruit Children

Aunt Estes Stories of the Vegetable and Fruit Children

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By: Edna Groff Diehl

Children are much more interested in the common-place things of their life, than most of us have any idea of. The flowers they pluck from their gardens, the fruit and vegetables they prepare and eat each day, are all wonderful things to them. For this reason I have used these everyday subjects, and have woven about each of them a story-one that will amuse and instruct them as well. By giving them bits of interesting facts about those things which they see every day, and at the same time allowing their imaginative powers have full sway, the common things take on a fairy semblance, and make life more beautiful.

  • ISBN-13: 9781598382488
  • Page Count: 114
  • Book Height: 8.5 x Width: 0.3125 x Length: 5.5 inches

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