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A Summer Cruise on the Coast of New England

A Summer Cruise on the Coast of New England

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"The fishing voyage of which this book is a record was made in 1858, during my summer vacation from the arduous duties of a Washington Correspondent of the New York Tribune, and the narrative originally appeared in the form of letters to that journal. In that shape it met with considerable favor, especially from sportsmen and naturalists; and its publication in a permanent form, as this late day, is due, in part, to the assurances I have received from high scientific authority that its sketches of the fishes of our Northern seas, of their habits and resorts, and of the methods of taking them, are not without value as contributions to Natural History. I can only say upon this point, that I have spared no pains to make my statements accurate, not only by careful personal observations, but by freely consulting and using the writings of our best American ichthyologists. -R.C."

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Robert Carter

Page Count: 270

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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