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A Hand Bookbinder's Guide to Making Photo Albums

A Hand Bookbinder's Guide to Making Photo Albums

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By: Richard W. Horton

This book is different from most photo album books. It has a photo album history, and it offers a complete coverage of hand made album possibilities. This is not a one-project book. It is a key to opening all possibilities. Using this book you can create the best albums in the world. You can create albums for movie stars, designers, artists, and heads of state. Yet the language is so clear, and the drawings so helpful, that a beginner craftsman can use the book.

A glossary is provided to explain any unfamiliar terms, and there's even a supplies specification section, with suppliers' addresses. So expect fun in the workshop. The people who bought previous editions of this book were hand bookbinders, book artists, and book and photo conservators in 18 countries. The book was acquired by conservation departments at major libraries and museums. Richard is a well-known book conservator who has been a presenter at the Guild of Book Workers, The Royal Photographic Society, and the American Institute for Conservation, and has published journal articles within these organizations. He began researching album structures and mountings in 1984 at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in Austin, TX, and met the key U.S. book structure innovators in 1985 at the Oxbow Paper and Book Intensive in Saugatuck, MI. In the late '80'S, he earned an MLS and Certificate in Library and Archives Conservation at Columbia University in New York. He interned under Sherelyn Ogden at Northeast Document Conservation Center, with smaller internships at The Frederick Law Olmsted Museum and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. For over 20 years he has been the head of the Conservation department at Bridgeport National Bindery. The present edition has been re-written. Richard offers some new ideas, and improved drawing sequences. Critical readers were Catherine Burkhard and Tom Conroy. Catherine is a bookbinding teacher, and Tom is a book structure theorist.

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