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Silver Street Media

A Day at the Park

A Day at the Park

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By: Molly & Angela Grout
Illustrators: Matt Ryan & Heather Bates

Spending a day at a park is always exciting but when a big gust of wind comes along, Millie and Molly's adventure becomes even more memorable.

"A Day at the Park encourages memory skills and builds a foundation for reading success." ~ Director of Smart Start Preschool

"Great book for Social Emotional Learning! " ~Paraprofessional Maureen Kivel

"Targets expressive language skills such as: sequencing, making predictions, answering "wh" questions, and relating personal stories." ~Speech & Language Pathologist, Erin Thomas

"...a tool for children, parents, teachers and therapists to engage in discovery conversations." ~ Mrs. Hill, a Kindergarten Teacher

"Love that it is written by a child! My nieces, nephews, and students love the story too!" ~ Professional Auntie and Special Education Teacher

"This book engages learning essentials..." ~ Founder of Embracing the Creative Child

"I felt like I was flying away with them in the story!" ~ June, age 5

"Sweet story showing simple enjoyable events, as well as imaginative ones for all aspiring storytellers." ~Massachusetts Literary Specialist, Pamela Tully


ISBN 979-8-98778840-0

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Molly & Angela Grout

Page Count: 34

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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