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A Chronology of Paper and Paper-Making

A Chronology of Paper and Paper-Making

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"The elixir of life was never more earnestly sought than has been a satisfactory adequate source of supply from which material for the manufacture of paper could be economically drawn" A printer based in Albany in the 19th century, Joel Munsell made a special study of the of the art of printing and paper-making - both its history and application. His collection of works on that subject was one of the largest in the United States, and was purchased, in part, by the New York State library. A CHRONOLOGY OF PAPER AND PAPER-MAKING, first published in 1857, provides an in- depth look at the evolution of paper from various materials used and the processes and machinery developed through the centuries. Very comprehensively indexed, this book is an invaluable look at the history of paper and its early manufacturing techniques.


Publisher: Silver Street Media
Format: Hardcover
Print length: 188 pages
Publication date: January 1, 2011


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