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New Salads for Diners, Luncheons, Suppers & Receptions

New Salads for Diners, Luncheons, Suppers & Receptions

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Its name tells the whole story. It is the only book of the kind published. Hot weather seems to suspend the inventive faculty of even the best housekeepers, and at a season when the appetite needs every help and encouragement, this book will be found of the greatest use. It is full of choice recipes for tempting and dainty dishes, with suggestions for presenting the substantials in palatable forms. Here are gathered together a choice lot of original recipes for the proper making and serving of this important dish. Not enough attention is paid to this matter by the average housekeeper, and hence much pleasure and benefit is lost. Mrs. Rorer in her introduction says: "A salad made from a succulent green vegetable and French dressing, should be seen on the dinner table in every well-regulated household three hundred and sixty-five times a year. These green vegetables contain the salts necessary to the well being of our blood; the oil is an easily-digested form of fatty matter; the lemon juice gives us sufficient acid; therefore simple salads are exceedingly wholesome. We do not refer here to the highly-seasoned mixtures of meats and vegetables with a heavy mayonnaise dressing. These are rather objectionable. However, if one omits the mustard, seasoning the materials lightly and sensibly, and serves such salads for a lunch or for an evening collation, they are much more wholesome than the average fried dish, upon which many depend for their fatty food. "During the summer, the dinner salad may be composed of any well-cooked green vegetable, served with a French dressing; string beans, cauliflower, a mixture of peas, turnips, carrots and new beets, boiled radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, uncooked cabbage, and daintily cooked spinach. In the winter, serve celery, lettuce, endive, chickory, escarole and chervil."

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Sarah Tyson Rorer

Page Count: 74

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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