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My Best 250 Recipes

My Best 250 Recipes

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It would be strange indeed if, out of the multitude of recipes Mrs. Rorer has invented and used during her long career as a teacher, writer and lecturer, she did not have some that appealed to her more strongly than others. She has gathered these together, classi­fying them under their different heads. There are Best 20 Soups; Best 20 Fish Recipes; Best 20 Meats; Best 20 Salads; Best 20 Desserts; Best 20 · Sauces, Vegeta­bles, Fruit Preserves, Luncheon Dishes, Ices, Summer Recipes, Left Overs, Game and Poultry, Breads and Biscuits, etc.

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Sarah Tyson Rorer

Page Count: 170

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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