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Silver Street Media

Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book

Mrs. Rorer's New Cook Book

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A big book of 731 pages, abundantly illustrated. Its bigness is no criterion of its goodness. The fact that it is the best work of the best years of Mrs. Rorer's life; that it is a complete new book telling of the things one needs to know about cooking, living, health, and the easiest and best way of housekeeping-these are what make for goodness, and place this book far in advance of any other of a like nature. The New Cook Book covers all departments of cookery. A masterly exposition of each subject is given, followed by recipes for the proper preparation, cooking and serving of the various kinds of foods. There are over 1500 recipes in the book. The illustrations are an important feature. One set of pictures shows the proper dressing of the table during a course dinner. Then there is a complete set showing the method of carving meats, poultry, game, etc.; and many others illustrating special features of the book.

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Sarah Tyson Rorer

Page Count: 840

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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