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Bread and Bread Making

Bread and Bread Making

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Bread forms such an important part of the daily fare, that it would seem to be a work of supererogation to do more than simply present this book to the notice of the housewives of the country. A few words, however, as to its purpose, may not be out of place. The object of the work is two-fold. First, to give in a concise and easily-managed form a set of recipe used in every household every day. Secondly, to point out the reasons why failures so often occur, even with perfect recipes, and how to guard against them. The book contains a chapter on wheat and how to properly select flour; then follows directions for mixing, kneading, moulding and baking, with a chapter on yeast. The recipes cover the ground of bread-making completely. In the list we find white wheat bread, whole-wheat bread, French and Graham bread, 19th Century, Golden Loaf, Swedish, etc. Then there are the Small Breads, such as Vienna Rolls, Pocket Book Rolls, Crumpets, Muffins, German Horns, Nuns' Puffs, etc. A chapter on Second Cooking of Bread gives us Zwieback, Toasts, Pulled Bread, etc., followed by Quick Breads, Steamed Breads and Sweet Breads. Every recipe in the book, with well-selected materials, has been tried by the author, and many times by her pupils, with perfect results.

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Sarah Tyson Rorer

Page Count: 112

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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