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40 Days, A Box of Crayons, Finding God

40 Days, A Box of Crayons, Finding God

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By Celina A. McMahon

“So... what do you believe?”

It was a question I had asked a friend after they expressed how upset they were by the judgment they had received for how they had been living their life. This person’s lifestyle did not meet the standards of a certain set of religious beliefs and they were now on the receiving end of a not-so-nice conversation. That one question stopped our conversation in its tracks and my friend replied “I’ve never been asked that before.”

I realized that in all the years that I had been exploring various religious and spiritual belief systems, I had never once been asked that question either....

This workbook is the result of that conversation. It is a series of questions that support someone in exploring their beliefs around a variety of topics. My goal for this workbook is to allow everyone the space where they can explore anything and everything without anyone judging those answers. Nothing is off the table. Don’t like the questions? Write your own. This is your journey. At the end of those 40 days, I hope that you will be able to articulate what your own personal beliefs are. Good luck and have fun.

  • ISBN 978-1-59838-777-3
  • 8.5 x 11 Spiral Binding

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Publisher: Silver Street Media

Author: Celina A. McMahon

Page Count: 174

* Publisher: Silver Street Media

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