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After the Race

After the Race

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Written by: A.D. Lubow • Edited by: John Bos • Illustrated by: Mei Li


A tale of the unlikely friendship between a German and an American Olympic rower, rekindled 50 years after a simple act of charity. According to Admiral John Richardson, former Chief of U.S. Naval Operations, “this wonderful story reminds us that genuine personal connections can triumph over all...over prejudice...even over war.” This book, intended for children and grown-ups alike, is based upon the true story of Peter Bos and Kraft Schepke.

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  • Page Count: 32 pages

  • ISBN: 978-1-5422-0173-5

  • Book Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches


    “An amazing, beautifully illustrated story that covers all the life lessons and the TRUE meaning of the Olympic movement. It should be required reading for anyone who competes in a sport.” — Mike Teti, Olympic Rower and U.S. National Men’s Rowing Coach (currently training the U.S. eight for the Tokyo Olympics)


    “See how two people conditioned to oppose each other can find friendship and respect through commonality. This is a must read! I am a better person today after reading After the Race!” — Florent Groberg, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient


    After the Race is a wonderful tale that ties the dark past to the present and in the telling gives some hope to the human condition.  Adults as well as children will love it.” —Prof. Williamson (Wick) Murray, noted military historian and author of America and the Future of War among many others.


    “This is a wonderful story spectacularly illustrated for children and their parents and grandparents. It creates a beacon of hope in these times of great division. In his compelling narrative Peter Bos highlights fierce competition, the power of friendship, an eloquent patriotism as well as a journey seeking peace. This is a truly remarkable book. If only we could see the world through our children’s eyes with the boundless wisdom of age.” —Admiral Mike Mullen, U. S. Navy (Ret.), 17th Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff”


    “Looking at Earth through my spacecraft’s windows reinforced a very important lesson I learned from rowing, one that is powerfully illustrated by this story. We’re all in the same boat and we move ahead best when we all work together.” —Captain Wendy Lawrence, member of first women’s rowing team at the U.S. Naval Academy and former NASA astronaut


    “A wonderfully illustrated picture book…a poignant and timely tale of hope… a reminder to our human race of what really matters.” — Matthew Rhys, star of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and the hit TV series The Americans and Perry Mason.


    “A beautifully illustrated story that captures not only the spirit of the Olympic Games but the broader meaning of sport.” — Mary Mazzio, Olympic rower and creator and producer of the widely acclaimed documentary, “A Most Beautiful Thing.”


    “This beautifully told and illustrated true story shows how an emotionally courageous gesture can break through enmity and bring us together on the bows of our common humanity. The book teaches the lesson in a way accessible to children and would provide the basis for more wide-ranging history and civics projects.” — Elizabeth Allen, a distinguished educator who has taught children all over the world


    "A history lesson with heart and soul. After the Race: A Tale of Two Olympians was a home run. Easy to read. Great story. Great message of hope. Touched on the essence of being human & what values are really important. Also, great illustrations. Most important, the book is a natural lubricant to foster discussion between parent and child, between friends & between generations. ”  — Edward A. Ullmann, CEO and Chief Pharmacist, Wellness Rx Pharmacy, Tannersville NY


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